The United States of America is a beacon of hope and freedom throughout the world, yet we fail as a nation to uphold the premier foundation of a democratic government, Free and Fair Elections. During the 2020 presidential election we watched as democrats implemented unrestricted universal mail-in voting which opened up our electoral system to significant fraud. Republican poll watchers were not given meaningful access to ballots and, in many cases, were denied access to counting locations all together. These offenses took place in many states around our country, including right here in Georgia. It is vital that every eligible voter in the United States is allowed to vote once. When I become a member of Congress, supporting efforts to protect and defend our elections from rampant voter fraud will be of maximum priority.



Donald Trump made significant strides towards reforming our immigration system and security in the United States. Now, Democrats want to reverse that progress, tear down parts of the southern border wall, and institute an open border policy. They won’t just stop there. The Democrat party is determined to abolish ICE, give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens with zero regard for who they are or how they got here, and use taxpayer dollars to provide government support to undocumented immigrants. If the radical leftists in Congress get their way, our southern border will be dominated by cartels, coyotes, and human traffickers. We must complete the wall and protect our country.



I will never waver on my support of the Second Amendment. The Constitution is extremely clear about our right to keep and bear arms. It is our duty to protect ourselves and our families. Politicians try to overcomplicate this issue, but it’s simple. The government has no authority to ban or take our firearms.



I believe that human life begins at conception and is present until natural death. From that moment, that human’s life should be protected with every extent of the law. It is criminal that organizations like Planned Parenthood use taxpayer dollars to finance abortions. They operate as a business organized to profit off the ending human life with complete disregard for the wellbeing of the mother or child. These evil organizations prey on the low-income, college students, and victims of abuse. We must protect children in the womb, the most vulnerable among us. It is time to put an end to taxpayer funded abortions, prevent members of the abortion industry from receiving big government stimuluses, and provide resources to women experiencing crisis pregnancies.



Free speech does not exist on social media platforms. Big tech uses sites like Facebook, Google, and YouTube as tools to silence opinions they disagree with and embolden the radical left. If these monstrous entities can go after President Trump and members of his administration, it's only a matter of time before they come after you and I. Silencing free speech is illegal, and these companies need to be held accountable.



In 1987 Ronald Reagan warned us that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. That was true then and it's true today. In the last few years, we have watched as rioters stormed our cities with calls for a socialist takeover. We’ve heard stories about the Marxist indoctrination that takes place on our college campuses and in our local classrooms. We’ve empathized with the millions of people living in socialist Venezuela, where the population has lost on average 24lbs each due to starvation. It is our duty as Americans to preserve the principles of our country for future generations. The Democrats will never cease their calls for the demolishing of our American institutions. I will always stand for freedom, individual rights, and the foundations of democracy.



No student should be denied a quality education because of their zip code. All too often our kids are stuck in underachieving schools because the state does not offer families choice in education. Charter schools offer a good alternative for families looking for a better option. Georgia also operates a special needs voucher program for students who need additional learning accommodations that public schools cannot meet. This should be expanded to children throughout our state and country. The reality is that our public schools suffer because teachers unions and liberal politicians are more interested in Critical Race Theory and radicalizing our children. These toxic ideas preach victimhood to minority students and inherent racism to the rest. Critical Race Theory tells our sons and daughters that rather than their lives being judged by the content of their character, their experience in America will hinge solely on the color of their skin. This way of thinking is evil and its teaching in our schools should be banned entirely.



Our law enforcement officers and first responders are under attack in our country. While Democrats were demanding to defund the police, our nation watched in horror as rioters and looters brought unrest to our cities’ streets. It was our police officers, many of whom were injured and even lost their lives, that kept our communities safe. These brave men and women were also viciously attacked by liberal politicians and the media. The Defund the Police movement was started and has begun spreading across America, leaving overworked and underfunded police units and anarchy in its wake. Law enforcement officers protect our communities every day and I am proud to stand with them and defend them against ill-intended radical ideas in Congress.



It is vitally important that we take care of those who courageously defend us in our armed forces. Thanks to President Trump, veterans now have choice in their health care. Veterans Affairs hospitals used to be marked by corruption and years-long waiting lists for patients. Our soldiers were leaving the front lines just to come home and fight for adequate care. I will never allow our veterans to take a back seat again.